Chubb Business Insurance Review

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Safeguard Your Livelihood with Chubb Business Insurance

Chubb Insurance Australia Ltd. has around 500 employees in its five branches across Australia. It gives personalised insurance to different clients. They offer several financial products, such as:

  • Professional indemnity
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Financial lines
  • Energy insurance
  • Property
  • Liability
  • Marine
  • Utilities

Business insurance from Chubb

Chubb protects your business in different ways:

  1. Accident and health
  • Expatriate insurance
  • Inpatriate insurance
  • Journey accident insurance
  • Group business travel insurance
  • Journey accident insurance


  • Broadform liability insurance
  • Broadform liability and environmental protection insurance
  • Life sciences insurance
  • Umbrella liability insurance 


  • Construction all risks cover for civil engineers and builders
  • Erection all risks insurance


  • Boiler and machinery breakdown insurance
  • Cleantech (for clean technology companies)
  • Contractor’s pollution liability insurance
  • Offshore liability
  • Power and utilities facilities cover

Financial lines

  • Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance
  • Electronic and computer crime insurance
  • Financial institutions bond insurance
  • Financial institutions professional indemnity insurance


  • Cargo insurance
  • Logistics solutions for marine businesses
  • Fine art and valuable goods insurance
  • Marine hull and specialty insurance


  • Body corporate elite package
  • Fire insurance
  • General property package insurance

Risk Management

  • A wide selection of risk mitigation strategies for big businesses

Why should I protect my business with Chubb?

There are many reasons why Chubb is a great insurance provider.

  • Highly-specialised

Chubb has been part of the insurance industry for several years already. They created highly-specialised and flexible policies that address the needs of big and small businesses.

  • Loss control policies

Chubb has a team of loss control experts that evaluate the risks of businesses. They suggest innovative measures to minimise the risk to an acceptable level.

  • Claims approach prioritises customers

The company ensures that the claims process is done in a quick and hassle-free manner.

  • Fast payments and 24-hr first-party claims

Chubb gives fast service. They confirm receipt of your claim within 24 hours and provide contact details of the assigned claims handler. Payment will be released within 48 hours once Chubb agrees to pay a claim.

  • Resolution of internal dispute

Chubb resolves customer complains efficiently because of their robust dispute resolution procedure.

Other Chubb insurance products and services

  • Prestige home and contents

This low-cost cover protects your home and most valuable possessions. You may get a benefit payment or have professional craftsmen restore the condition of your home and properties.

  • Valuable articles

Chubb covers stolen, lost, or damaged valuable properties like antique, art, wine collection, rare books, and jewellery.

  • Home business property insurance

Majority of home and contents policies do not cover loss of equipment or paperwork of people working at home.

  • Family protection

This policy provides financial coverage for events that can affect your physical or emotional well-being. This includes child abduction, hijacking, home invasion, and stalking.

  • Personal liability

This protects you and your family in case you become a target of expensive legal action.

  • Home appraisal service

Chubb offers a complimentary appraisal service if you sign up for a home and contents insurance cover. This measures the accurate value of your home to give the right level of coverage.

  • Chubb business income calculator

Chubb developed this online income calculator to help you estimate your business insurance needs.

They have a simple 4-step process and will also coach you in analysing the numbers. It will calculate the target insurance limit that adequately covers your business needs.  This will make extra expense and business income valuation a lot easier.

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Chubb Insurance Australia Limited has several comprehensive policies that protect small and large businesses. Compare their policies with products from other insurers to make sure you maximise your benefits. Use a comparison website like Makes Cents to find the right fit.

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