Companies Offering Superannuation in Australia

Your super is a great investment to help you prepare for retirement. Below are the companies currently offering superannuation in Australia.

  1. AMG Superannuation 

This super fund gives a simple approach to financing your retirement. They do their best to remove the burden of additional paperwork while still maintaining trustee compliance.

Find out more about AMG Super and read reviews.

  1. AMIST Superannuation

AMIST offers retirement planning solutions in the meat industry. They specialise in competitively priced goods that give long term returns.

Find out more about AMIST Super and read reviews.

  1. AMP Superannuation

This fund has 60 investment options that provide a lot of returns depending on your needs and abilities. You can also save more with their rebates.

Find out more about AMP Super and read reviews.

  1. ANZ Wealth Superannuation

ANZ Wealth has a special advantage - it has a strong market presence in Europe, America and the Pacific. They are part of the top 50 banks worldwide.

Find out more about ANZ Super and read reviews.

  1. Australian Catholic Super

This fund uses Catholic values as a guide in preparing for your future.

  1. Australian Ethical Superannuation

Australian Ethical super fund only invests in companies that have a positive contribution to the planet.

  1. AustSafe Superannuation

AustSafe caters to labourers in regional and rural Australia. It has low fees and does not pay commissions to advisers.

Find out more about AustSafe Super and read reviews.

  1. AV Super

This super fund targets members who are part of the aviation industry.

Find out more about AVSuper and read reviews.

  1. Bendigo Bank Superannuation

Bendigo Bank has a strong presence from Sydney to Perth. They offer competitive fees and excellent value returns.

Find out more about Bendigo Bank Super and read reviews.

  1. BUSSQ Superannuation

This is an industry superfund for Queensland employees working in the building, construction, and other related industries.

Find out more about BUSSQ Super and read reviews.

  1. CareSuper

CareSuper is the biggest industry fund for professionals. Accounts in this fund are simple and economical.

Find out more about CareSuper and read reviews.

  1. Catholic Super

The Catholic Super Fund started operating in 1971. The profits earned go back to the members through higher interest rates and competitive fees.

Find out more about Catholic Super and read reviews.

  1. Cbus Superannuation

Workers from construction, building, and allied industries have the opportunity to invest in this super fund.

Find out more about Cbus Super and read reviews.

  1. Christian Super

Christian Super focuses on Christian values and investments that help the community and the environment.

Find out more about Christian Super and read reviews.

  1. Club Plus Super

Club Plus Super has 100,000 members and AUD 2 billion worth of investments. It caters to employees of clubs, hospitality and other related industries.

Find out more about Club Plus Super and read reviews.

  1. Colonial First State Superannuation

This company is part of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It is widely recognised and has access to several growth products.

Find out more about Colonial First State Super and read reviews.

  1. CommBank Financial Planner Superannuation

Commonwealth Financial Planners has over 20 years of experience in the industry. They give a financial plan that matches your profile from super to insurance.

  1. Energy Super

This super fund gives retirement planning options for all Australians. They concentrate on those belonging to the energy industry.

Find out more about Energy Super and read reviews.

  1. First Super

First Super serves the joinery, furniture, paper, pulp, and timber industries. Another company that offers Superannuation in Australia.

  1. Guild Super

Guild Super originally gives superannuation services to pharmacists. They now offer their services to professions that provide care to the community.

Find out more about Guild Super and read reviews.

  1. ING Superannuation

ING is widely known for online savings accounts that have high-interest rates. They also have a highly competitive super fund.

Find out more about ING Super and read reviews.

  1. InTrust Superannuation

InTrust offers superannuation products to employees of the tourism, hospitality, club, and retail sectors.

Find out more about InTrust Super and read reviews.

  1. IOOF Superannuation

The IOOF Group has four financial services divisions: trustee services, investment management, financial advice and platform management.

Find out more about IOOF Superannuation and read reviews.

  1. LegalSuper

LegalSuper is a super fund for the legal community. Approximately 40% of legal services employees are members of the LegalSuper.

Find out more about LegalSuper and read reviews.

  1. LGIASuper

LGIASuper is based in Queensland. It has 13 investment options you can choose from. It offers low fees and high returns.

  1. Local Government Superannuation

The LGS has 90,000 members, a majority of which is currently working in the local government. Some are former local government employees.

  1. LUCRF Superannuation

LUCRF has 4 pre-mixed diversified investment choices. It also has 5 single asset class options.

  1. MAP Superannuation

The Medical and Associated Professions (MAP) super fund is part of the IOOF group. It is suitable for a wide group of employers and individuals.

  1. Media Super

Media Super is the product of the merger between JUST Super and Print Super. It is known for its strong performance and favourable fee structure.

  1. Mercer Wealth Superannuation

Mercer Wealth offers its services to multinational corporations, affinity groups, endowments and foundations, and the public sector.

  1. Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Superannuation

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing is an industry fund. It is for the exclusive benefit of its members, particularly those in the coal industry.

  1. MLC Superannuation

MLC is the National Australia Bank’s wealth management division. It has more than 125 years of experience in the industry.

  1. MTAA Superannuation

The MTAA is an industry super fund for the motor trade and allied industries. All Australians can invest in this fund.

  1. NGS Superannuation

NGS focuses on education and community-based groups.

  1. Perpetual Superannuation

Perpetual is one of the leading independent wealth managers in Australia. It is also a great provider of trustee services.

  1. Plum Prime Superannuation

Plum’s Personal Plan division is not open to the public. Existing members can get a pension product once they reach the preservation age.

  1. Prime Super

Prime Super offers 9 options to grow your money. The MySuper investment is their default option.

  1. QSuper

QSuper automatically changes your mix of investments as you grow older. They save you from the trouble of switching accounts.

  1. SmartSave Superannuation

SmartSave provides retirement solutions for non-residents. Their super fund is ideal for those who want low-cost investments without much fanfare.

  1. SmartStart Super

The Bendigo SmartStart Super has low fees. It has a strong performance for the last five years.

  1. Statewide Superannuation

Statewide allows you to invest no matter what you do for a living or where you live.

  1. Sunsuper

Sunsuper provides you with a super-savings account while you’re still in the workforce. You will then have an income account once you transition to retirement.

  1. Tasplan Superannuation

Tasplan Super is a premier multi-industry super fund that offers 11 different investment options. It also has an authorised MySuper investment option.


TWUSUPER is an industry super fund for employees in the transport and logistics industries. Another company that offers SuperAnnuation in Australia

  1. VicSuper

VicSuper has over 240,000 members and manages AUD 15 billion worth of member funds. They provide superannuation and retirement products to increase your retirement income.

  1. Visions Superannuation

Vision has two types of super fund. The fund you join depends on how you enrol. Retirement income stream accounts are also available.

  1. Zurich Superannuation

Zurich is the 2nd largest business and company insurance provider in the world. They give access to 15 investment portfolios and single asset classes.

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