How Much Super Can I Withdraw After 60

How Much Super Can I Withdraw After 60

How Much Super Can I Withdraw After 60? And if so how do I do it?

If you're an Australian resident who has reached the age of 60, you may be wondering how much superannuation you can withdraw. The amount you can withdraw depends on several factors, including your age, the type of super account you have, and the rules of your super fund.

Firstly, it's important to understand that there is no limit to how much super you can withdraw after 60. However, there are rules about the tax you will need to pay on your withdrawals. Once you reach age 60, your super withdrawals become tax-free, regardless of whether you take them as a lump sum or as regular payments. This means that you won't have to pay any tax on your super withdrawals, as long as you meet the conditions of release.

If you have a superannuation account in Australia, you may have a few options for accessing your super after you turn 60. One of the most common ways to withdraw your super is to take a lump sum payment. This means that you can access your entire super balance in one go. However, it's important to note that if you take a lump sum payment, you may be liable to pay tax on the taxable component of your super.


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Another option is to take a regular income stream from your super. This means that you will receive regular payments from your super account, which can supplement your other income sources. If you choose to take a regular income stream, you can select the amount and frequency of your payments, as long as they meet the minimum and maximum limits set by your super fund.

If you have multiple super accounts, you may be able to consolidate them into one account before you start making withdrawals. Consolidating your super accounts can make it easier to manage your retirement income and may also help you avoid paying unnecessary fees and charges.

It's important to remember that your super is a long-term investment, designed to provide you with income during your retirement years. While you can withdraw your super after age 60, it's a good idea to think carefully about your retirement goals and to seek professional financial advice before making any decisions.

In summary, there is no limit to how much super you can withdraw after age 60, but the tax you will pay on your withdrawals may vary depending on the type of withdrawal you choose. To make the most of your retirement income, it's a good idea to seek professional advice and to carefully consider your options before accessing your super.


Maximising your superannuation will help you reach your retirement goals. It is important to Speak to a financial adviser before making any major decisions around your superannuation. It's important to get advice from a licensed adviser.


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