Omnium Life Insurance Review

Omnium Life Insurance Review

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Omnium is one of the excellent life insurance software solutions provider based in Sydney. Aside from offering life insurance software tools, they are also attractive to financial service professionals and financial companies with their wide range of solutions.

All About Omnium

Omnium began its services in 2002, making them one of the first solutions providers who have helped the different life insurance companies and financial advisers. Some of the solutions they first brought to the market are the native mobile comparison apps, website comparison tools, and straight-through processing technology. 

The company is 100% Australian-owned and a holder of an Australian financial services licence (AFSL) no.:500823. They are ISO-certified, with the following certifications: ISO 270001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. This simply means that the company values its independence and no other financial institution has any controlling interest in them.

Solution Services

As mentioned earlier, Omnium helps life insurance companies as well as financial advisors. They provide different solutions as follows:

Insurer Solutions

They arrange different life insurance software to satisfy their financial advisors’ and customers’ various needs when calculating and finding the perfect policies.

  • Insurer Comparison Tool – They supply a wide range of comparison data from various client scenarios they may come up with. The comparison tool gives the advisors or the corporates more detailed information regarding market pricing decisions. They provide an excel sheet where they can input all the information they want to cover. The report can be processed within 3-7 days.
  • Quote Alteration Solution – Omnium aids companies with their fully automated solution to help their existing legacy policyholders to migrate to their new or current products. The quote alteration solution provides their client with ease and convenience because it takes away manual work. 
  • New Business Sales Pipeline – This solution allows a company to develop new strategies to sell their insurance products. 

Adviser Solutions

Here are the services they exclusively provide for businesses and financial advisors:

  • A life risk research tool – This solution offers different data comparisons for product features and ratings and each product's pros and cons. It allows the financial advisers to compare and apply risks in one system.
  • A life risk custom tool – The company offers customised life insurance comparisons for their financial advisers or dealer that are perfectly tailored for their delivered products.
  • A life risk website tool – Financial advisors can have a real-time life insurance comparison tool on their website provided by the company. It gives the advisor's target customers the freedom to find comparisons online. 

Aside from the company’s complete solutions for their insurer and adviser clients, they provide consultation and Application Programming Interface (API) services.


  • Premium illustration interface strategy
  • Premium Modelling strategies for new options
  • Web services technology for your life insurance product
  • Online application forms technology
  • Research rating impact analysis
  • Automated risk advice solutions

They have extended their consulting services to some reliable Australian financial institutions like AMP, Zurich, ANZ, TAL, and Westpac, among others.

Application Programming Interface (API) 

They can also provide the following data:

  • Updated comparison data of premiums offered by significant life insurance providers
  • Product feature and ratings
  • Relevant commentaries
  • Ability to process quote to application

If you are a life insurance company or financial advisor looking to step up your product proposal strategy, be sure to consider Omnium Solutions. 

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