COVID-19 Announcement: Melbourne Goes Back Into Circuit Breaker Lockdown

COVID-19 Announcement: Melbourne Goes Back Into Circuit Breaker Lockdown

Melbourne Lockdown Announced: 12 New Coronavirus Cases Recorded

Melbourne is headed back into a Circuit Breaker lockdown once again in a bid to curb the recent COVID-19 outbreak. The first measures since summer were brought in on Tuesday without success causing heavy restrictions on movement to come into effect as of 11:59pm Thursday Night.


Victoria will enter a 7-day circuit breaker lockdown. There will be only 5 reasons to leave your home.

  1. Shopping
  2. Authorised Work/Permitted Education
  3. Exercise - 2 Hour Limit
  4. Caregiver/Compassionate/Medical Reasons
  5. To get Vaccinated

This is all with a 5km radius travel limit.


On Wednesday, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton told media that volume of new cases and the type of exposure sites would be critical in deciding the future of the state.  A Melbourne Lockdown has been avoided in 2021. While Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland have utilised lockdowns to stop the virus from spreading any further to varied success.


According to the Victorian Governments Department of Health Twitter Updates - there has been 12 new locally acquired cases pushing the active cases over 30 for the first time since January 22 2021. There are no current cases that are receiving treatment for COVID-19 in the hospital.


As of yesterday, 324,381 Australians have received a first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.


There are currently more than 70 exposure sites, these include the MCG and Marvel Stadium. Cafe's and businesses across Melbournes North, South East and Mornington Peninsula are also on the list of new exposure sites.

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