What Questions Will a Mortgage Broker Ask Me?

What Questions Will a Mortgage Broker Ask Me?


What Questions Will a Mortgage Broker Ask Me on my first appointment, so I can come prepared.


As an Australian mortgage broker, I would ask the following questions during the first meeting with a new client:

  • What type of property are you interested in purchasing? This will give me an idea of the type of loan that would be best suited for you.


  • Have you been pre-approved for a loan? This information is important for me to understand the current status of your home loan process and determine if there are any restrictions on your borrowing capacity.


  • What is your budget for the purchase? This information will help me to understand what you can afford and determine the best loan options for you.


  • Do you have a preference for fixed or variable rate loans? Understanding your preference will help me to suggest the best loan products that match your needs and goals.


  • Have you considered making a deposit on the property? A deposit can affect the amount you need to borrow and the interest rate that you can secure.


  • Are you a first-time home buyer or have you owned a property before? This information is important as there may be special incentives available for first-time home buyers.


  • What is your employment status and financial situation? I need to understand your income, expenses, and debt to determine your borrowing capacity and help you select the best loan product.


  • Have you considered the additional costs associated with purchasing a property such as stamp duty, legal fees, and conveyancing costs? I can assist you in understanding the total costs involved in purchasing a property.


  • Are you interested in loan features such as offset accounts, redraw facilities, and the ability to make extra repayments? Understanding your needs will help me to recommend the best loan product for you.

By asking these questions, I can gather important information about your financial situation and goals, which will help me to recommend the best home loan options for you.

What Questions Will a Mortgage Broker Ask Me?Speak to a mortgage broker today about refinancing to set yourself up to pay off your home faster and avoid paying unnecessary interest.



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