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Top Banks for Your Australian Home Loan

One of the biggest investments you could ever have is a home. However, purchasing a property in one go isn’t exactly affordable for most people. More often than not, potential homeowners take out loans from banks and other lenders to finance their home purchase. The challenge is finding the top banks for your Australian Home Loan.

The benefit of doing so is you do not have to wait for a long time before you start building your home. However, it will come with certain terms and interest rates. The challenge to consumers like you is to find the best deal you could have in Australian home loans—and we are here to help you find the top banks this 2019.

It Makes Cents To Compare Your Home Loan!

The Best Australian Home Loans in 2019

If you want to find the best loan deal for your future home, researching about the best loan deals is a must. But with the hundreds of deals available today, it might be hard to select the best deal for you.

To help you, here is a shortlist of the banks offering the best home loan deals in Australia this 2019:

     UBank UHomeLoan

Ubank is an online bank that has been consistent in providing excellent home loan rates to its clients throughout the years. Due to its online nature, Ubank does away with hidden fees and costs—making the process faster and cheaper compared to other loan providers.

It has a 3.09% variable rate and offers the best home loan and split home loan winner option to its clients. Its super low rate for $200,000 loans or more comes with a 20% minimum. This bank is backed by the National Australian Bank (NAB).

     HSBC Discounted Home Value Loan

HSBC offers one of the best home loans in Australia today. It has a 3.27% variable interest rate, has no ongoing fees, hidden fees, or upfront fees, and you can borrow money with just a 10% deposit!

In this home loan, you can make free extra repayments, have unlimited redraw, and you can also have a split rate option. HSBC also offers a relationship manager to assist you throughout the whole application process.

     Bank Australia

Bank Australia is also one of the best banks you should take into consideration when looking up home loans. It has a competitive interest rate of 3.35%, has no monthly account fee, and you can redraw funds for free.

It also has flexible payment options. You can opt to have weekly, monthly, or even fortnightly repayments—it just depends on what’s more convenient for you.

     SunCorp Back to Basics Home Loan

SunCorp offers one of the lowest interest rates available—with only 3.29% variable interest rate for owner-occupied homes and 3.59% variable interest rate for investors. It has no ongoing fee on new lending or $150,000 or more, and you can have unlimited additional repayments. Like Bank Australia, you have the option of paying per week, per fortnight, or per month.

Find the Best Home Loan Deal for Your Needs

Shop around and see what home loan deal works best for your financial situation. A reliable comparison site like Makes Cents can help you make a better and wiser decision. Keep reading our articles and stay informed!

It Makes Cents To Compare Your Home Loan!