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Who are is a Firstmac-backed lending company that has been operational for the past ten years. This company offers multiple types of home loans, all of which are worthy of consideration.

What are the biggest features of a loan?

  1. Offset accounts are allowed.

Many loans allow borrowers to add offset accounts. To the unfamiliar, an offset account is an account that’s linked to the home loan. This linked account can help fund the deposit account and reduce interest.

  1. Flexible repayment

This lender allows the borrower to either make repayments for the principal or just for the interest. This option can greatly lower the financial burden on the borrower, which makes it an attractive feature.

  1. Good minimum deposits

Generally, a higher loan to value ratio (LVR) translates to higher interest rates on the home loan.

Some loans have low LVRs, which means that borrowers need not worry too much about the interest rates.

  1. Borrowers can split loan types.

Loans can either have fixed interest or variable rates. Each of these two has its advantages and disadvantages, so there’s merit to taking them both. Luckily, this lender allows borrowers to take out a split loan, with both fixed and variable periods available.

  1. Dedicated app

This lender has a dedicated app known as onTrack. OnTrack allows borrowers to manage their applications and accounts easily.

  1. They make refinancing hassle-free makes switching from one lender to another easy. They’ll deal with the previous lender to help lessen the burden on the borrower.

What are the eligibility requirements for a loan? has specific pre-eligibility requirements that will make the borrower’s application go heaps smoother if fulfilled. They consider the following factors:

  • Type of loan
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Property type and value
  • Loan value

Generally, however, for most of this lender’s loans, the eligibility requirements are the following:

  • No minors: Those above 18 years old may be eligible.
  • Proof of employment: The borrower must produce proof of income.
  • Citizenship or residency: The borrower must at least be an Australian resident.

What is the application process for a loan?

To make the application process go more smoothly, prepare the following documents, and keep them on hand:

  • Personal identification: Government-issued personal identification documents, like passports and licenses, should suffice.
  • Proof of assets and liabilities: Documents containing proof of the borrower’s assets and debts are required.
  • Proof of income: Aside from assets and liabilities, the borrower must also produce proof of income or employment. Employment certificates, payslips, or bank statements can all help.
  • Property information: Finally, the borrower must have the details of the property to be bought. These details include the value and the address of the property.

Once the documents have been prepared, the borrower may then go through with the application process. It’s relatively simple, as is seen below:

  1. Online application

The first step of the application process is available on their official site. Once the application form is submitted, the borrower must then book a phone appointment to review the application.

  1. Upload documents

After applying, borrowers must then upload their documents. This can be done online through onTrack in’s site.

  1. Wait for approval

Once the application process is complete, all there is to do is wait for a decision.

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