Historical Interest Rate Cut

Historical Interest Rate Cut

The RBA This week (03/03/2020) decided to reduce the cash rate to 0.5%, a historical all time low.

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This week, on Tuesday (03/03) the Reserve Bank decided to cut the cash rate by another 0.25%, leaving it sitting at yet another historic low of 0.5%.

This cut comes amid a considerable upswing in the local property market. Housing values surged once again (1.1%) in February with many capital cities reporting record-high sale prices.

A huge upside of this move is that interest rates are now the lowest they’ve been in decades as lenders scramble to attract new customers.

Australian’s stand to save amounts around $200+ each month with the rate cut.

Today’s 0.25% drop, when combined with 2019’s cuts, could save the average Australian mortgage holder an incremental $2,436** in interest in the next 12 months alone. That’s a mortgage payment reduction of $203** each month.

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$2,299 figure is calculated by comparing customers' previous and new interest rates in 2018. This does not include customers consolidating debt or accessing equity, and does not account for changes to the overall lending amount or total loan term. This figure does not take into account fees and charges related to the transactions and ongoing changes to fees.

**repayment rate based on a $400,000, P&I loan over a 20-year term decreasing from 3.75% | 3.75% to 2.75% | 2.75%.

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