Hunter Health Insurance Review

Hunter Health Insurance Review

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Looking for an insurer that already withstood the test of time? Hunter Health Insurance (HHI), formerly known as Cessnock District Health Fund, provides private health insurance for over 60 years. They offer a wide range of benefits to policy owners at the lowest premium possible.

Hunter Health Insurance Levels of Coverage

Hunter Health Insurance services cater to singles, couples, and families. They aim to keep you and your family stay healthy and save money with private health insurance.

Hospital Cover

HHI’s hospital policies do more than what is required by the government.

  1. Basic

The basic cover complies with the government-required cover for rehabilitation, psychiatry, and palliative care. You will enjoy restricted cover for additional 35 clinical categories, such as kidney dialysis, pregnancy, cancer treatment, heart issues, and pain management, among others.

  1. Bronze Plus Smart

This gives full coverage for the 18 clinical categories necessary for a Bronze level. It also provides full coverage for insulin pumps, dental surgery, and back/spine/neck treatment.

  1. Silver Plus Thrifty

This gives coverage for the 26 clinical categories necessary for the Silver level. It also provides additional coverage for heart treatments, lung treatments, and medically necessary plastic surgery.

  1. Silver Plus Young

This gives the same benefits as the Silver Plus Thrifty but also includes pregnancy and birth.

  1. Silver Plus

This gives the same benefits as the Silver Plus Young except for pregnancy. It provides full coverage for cataracts and palliative care.

  1. Gold

This gives full coverage for the 38 clinical categories necessary for a Gold label.

This is also the only policy that gives age-based discounts for clients under 30 years old. Your age during the time you buy the policy determines the percentage of discount you will receive. You can enjoy the discount until the age of 40. The discount will decrease by 2% every year for members beyond 40 years old.


HHI has a wide selection of extras policies. You can get one alone or together with one of HHI’s hospital policies.

  • Ideal Extras – an entry-level policy. It covers optical, general dental, and other therapies like physio.
  • Healthy Extras – cover for optical, major dental, general dental, endodontic, and other services like weight management programs
  • Classic Extras – similar to Healthy Extras but has higher benefit limits
  • Optimum Extras – covers major dental, general dental, orthodontic, endodontic, optical, and psychology. It can also cover devices like blood glucose monitors. It also gives ambulance cover if you combine it with a hospital policy.
  • Elite Extras - similar to Optimum Extras but has higher benefit limits. It also gives ambulance cover if you combine it with a hospital policy.

Ambulance Only

The ambulance-only policy covers medically necessary ambulance rides.

General Exclusions and Waiting Periods

There are instances where Hunter Health Insurance will not pay your claim, such as when it pertains to:

  • Expenses related to consulting your GP
  • Services from a specialist outside the hospital
  • Services done outside the country
  • Hospital treatment not covered by Medicare like cosmetic surgery that is not medically needed
  • Treatments or services specifically excluded in the policy
  • Additional treatment from a fund of a business partner or relative

Processing claims with Hunter Health Insurance

Hunter Health Insurance wants to make processing claims hassle-free for its members. The doctors and hospitals send the hospital and medical bills directly to the insurer. You can reach out directly via email, fax, or phone if you need to process an extras claim. You can also visit its branch at Vincent Street, Cessnock.

Learn More About Hunter Health Insurance at Makes Cents

Hunter Health Insurance has several competitive health cover options. Review all the policy documents to make sure what is and what’s not covered. You can also do your research before signing up. Our comparison website, Makes Cents, is a good place to start. Check it out today.

Our Hunter Health Insurance Review is just one of many. You can also read many more Health Insurance Reviews at MakesCents.

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