GMHBA Health Insurance Review

GMHBA Health Insurance Review

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GMHBA Health Insurance

If you like the concept of an insurance company that puts people first, you might want to consider GMHBA. Their wide range of hospital and extras policies allows you to be flexible with your cover. They also offer access to highly generous and feature-packed rewards program on most policies.

Who is GMHBA?

GMHBA Health Insurance was founded by a group of workers from the Australian Cement Company in Geelong in 1934. Called the Cement Workers Hospital Benefits Scheme, this health insurance scheme was designed to protect families.

A new “open” scheme was formed due to the rising demand for public access to this health benefits scheme. GMHBA established new branches outside Geelong and employed local people, thus, becoming an active member of the community. In October 2000, the fund formally changed its name to GMHBA Limited.

Today, GMHBA remains a 100% member-based, not-for-profit organisation. They offer a wide range of health insurance policy options to suit the needs of thousands of individuals and families across Australia.

What Health Insurance Options are Available to You?

  1. Hospital cover

Basic Plus - This allows you to receive treatment as a private patient in a public hospital. It comes with an excess of $500 and costs around $18 per week.

Bronze Essential & AIA Vitality – This covers every treatment and service included to qualify as bronze.  It also comes with AIA Vitality, a personalised health and wellbeing program that supports your healthy lifestyle. It starts at around $21 per week.

Bronze Plus – This is basically the Bronze Essential cover plus dental surgery.

Silver Core & AIA Vitality – This policy covers all the clinical categories included in the Silver tier. This includes plastic and reconstructive surgery, heart treatments and dental surgery, as well as access to AIA Vitality.

Silver Plus – This has the same cover as the Silver Core policy, but with a few more such as sleep studies. This also has full cover for rehabilitation and palliative care.

Silver Plus Premium – This covers everything the Silver Policy does, plus additional services such as joint replacements, cataracts, kidney dialysis and insulin pumps. It comes with various excesses but does not include pregnancy cover and has no access to AIA Vitality.

Silver Plus Classic & AIA Vitality – This policy has the same cover as Silver Plus Premium but with an added access to AIA Vitality.

Gold Premium – This is a hospital policy that comes with a $750 excess. It can cover all clinical services in the Gold tier.

Gold Ultimate & AIA Vitality – This policy covers all the clinical categories in the Gold tier, including weight loss surgery, pregnancy, IVF and other assisted reproductive services, and pain management with device. This also comes with $500 or $700 excess options, as well as access to the AIA Vitality rewards program.

  1. Extras

Basic Extras Set Benefits – This covers optical, preventative dental, therapies, preventative treatments, health aids and some pharmaceuticals. This gives you back a set benefit per treatment, which means you’ll get the same amount back for a specific treatment.

Basic Extras 55 – This is the same as Basic Extras Set Benefits, but you’ll get 55% of the cost of your treatment back instead of set benefits.

Mid Extras Set Benefits – This gives you a bit more than Basic Extras, including major dental, orthodontics, psychology and a wider range of health aids. In addition, you’ll get a set benefit amount back per treatment, no matter how much the provider charges.

Mid Extras 65 – This is the same as Mid Extras Set Benefits, but you get 65% of your cost per treatment back rather than set benefits.

Top Extras Set Benefits – This has the same cover as the Mid Extras but includes exercise physiology and prenatal and antenatal services. The benefit limits and set benefits for each treatment are also higher than Mid Extras.

Top Extras 75 – This is the same as Top Extras Set Benefits, except that you get back 75% of your cost per treatment instead of set benefits.

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