Benefits of NIB Health Insurance

Benefits of NIB Health Insurance

Read below for our NIB Health Insurance Review.

Choosing a reliable health insurance provider, like NIB, is just as important as making a life-changing decision. You consider all factors that may impact your life and well-being as a whole.

After all, life and health are two things you can’t just brush aside.

Why you should choose NIB Health Insurance

Why you would choose NIB Health Insurance over other health funds is beyond obvious.

As of 2018, NIB is hailed as Australia’s 4th largest health insurance provider. It has been providing its 800,000 customers all over Australia good value for their money for almost 60 years now.

Aside from its stellar track record, NIB offers the following worthwhile benefits you may not find from other health insurance providers:

  1. Enjoy NIB Health Insurance’s “plus policies.”

Apart from complying with the minimum coverage set by the Australian Government’s tier structure, NIB Health Insurance also offers more to each tier. Hence, the term “plus policy”.

NIB gives additional coverage on top of Australia’s minimum requirements for the Basic, Bronze, and Silver tier structures. However, the Gold tier is not affected by this as it is already the highest level.


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  1. Always receive private hospital treatment.

Without health insurance, private hospital stay and treatments come with a hefty price. Going to public hospitals will not help either as it entails long waiting times.

With NIB’s large network of member hospitals, you can avoid public health system waitlists. Out-of-pocket treatment expenses are likewise kept low.

Also, you may enjoy the following private hospital perks:

Schedule treatments at your most convenient time and with your physician of choice;

  • Select the day facility of your choice;
  • Go to NIB Agreement Private hospital; and
  • Stay in a private room.
  1. Get age-based discounts.

NIB gives out discounts to any of their customers whose age falls within the 18 to 29-year-old range. Discount rates depend on their age on April 1, 2019, the date when Australia’s new health policy tier structure took effect.

Young people will receive such discounts until they reach 40 years old.  However, as they enter this age, the discount rates will be decreased by 2% for each succeeding year.


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  1. Tax Benefits

Anyone who gets health insurance from NIB is entitled to some tax benefits. Through NIB’s health insurance coverage, customers may not be required to pay the Medical Levy Surcharge. They may also claim a rebate, known as the Australian Government Rebate (AGR).

  1. Unlimited ambulance coverage

Ambulance services are almost as pricey as hospitalisation and treatments without private health insurance. With NIB, every customer is given unlimited ambulance coverage without any limit on the frequency of its use.

  1. Claim anytime, anywhere.

NIB health insurance provides its policy holders an app that allows them to manage their health plans and claims right at their fingertips.

With this app, they can claim on their cover or view their annual benefits. They may also find NIB retail centres, Eye Care Centres, Dental Care Centres, and NIB Agreement Hospitals nearest to them.

Getting NIB health insurance is the surest way to look after your family and yourself. As the unexpected may happen anytime you least anticipate it, it is wiser to get the protection and security your family truly deserves.


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