What is Renewable Energy and Why It’s Making So Much Buzz

Let’s face it: the Earth is suffering from our excessive consumption of resources. There’s only a finite amount of stuff that we can use, yet we still don’t seem to increase our conservation efforts. Pretty soon, we’ll run out of resources to use for everyday living, and future generations will suffer because of it. It’s high time that we look into renewable resources for both the Earth’s benefit and ours.

What are Renewable Resources?

Renewable resources are those that do not deplete normally. They are collected using different devices that can convert the energy they give off into electricity, offering an alternative to fossil fuels. For example, wind turbines are installed in certain parts of the world to collect energy from the natural breeze. Once strong winds blow, the turbines spin and the kinetic energy is converted into power. Hydroelectric power is obtained similarly. Machines with turbines are placed on areas with waterfalls and are powered by the force of the falls.

Unlike natural resources, renewable sources of energy rely on naturally occurring phenomena to harness their potential. Currently, we use coal and fossil fuels as energy sources. These are resources that are consumable and may not be renewed if the planet runs out of them. Scientists have done great deals of research to harness the potential of renewable resources and make use of them for the benefit of all.

What Is Solar Energy?

One of the most common renewable resources available is solar energy. It’s a source of power that is harnessed from the rays of the sun using special instruments called solar panels. These are black-coloured tiles with cells that can absorb sun rays and convert them into electricity, which is then used to power electronics and appliances.

The good thing about using solar energy is the effortlessness of collecting it. Unlike hydroelectric and wind power, which needs large engines and turbines, solar panels are easier to install and maintain. They need to be exposed to sufficient sunlight to do their job. Some panels come in small, portable sizes, enough to power devices like power banks and fans, while there are large panels that can power whole buildings when installed together.

The Present and Future of Solar Energy

There have been many developments around the world in terms of how solar energy is used. Entire buildings have been equipped with solar panels to power their day-to-day operations. Some countries are also testing out solar-powered vehicles, hoping to apply it to all modes of transportation available due to its various benefits. If the world were to have solar power as its primary energy source, then the Earth won’t have to suffer as much.

As for what the future holds, we can keep hoping for the better and continue researching on how solar energy can be utilised. Who knows, maybe one day the sun will power each household, and every vehicle doesn’t have to use gasoline anymore. Increased demand for renewable energy will trigger an increase in research and production for it. All we have to do is focus our attention on making the benefits of solar energy widespread among everyone.

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