OVO Energy Review

OVO Energy Review

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OVO Energy is an electric service provider that currently serves three Australian territories. This provider is under OVO Energy UK and is a relatively new addition to the Australian energy market.

Where Does OVO Energy Operate?

OVO Energy operates out of Melbourne and currently provides electric services to three different territories. Their range is NSW, SA, and QLD, but they will expand to other territories soon.

Take note that OVO only offers electric services. They have no options for gas line subscriptions.

What OVO Energy Plans are Available?

There is only one OVO energy plan available for customers: The One Plan. This plan has multiple notable features, including the following:

  1. Annual bill average

Monthly electricity costs are calculated based on yearly averages. What OVO does is that they predict the energy consumption per home over one year. They then divide that prediction over 12 months, which is then the amount that customers pay.

This feature, known as bill smoothing, is great for preventing excessive costs in the more energy-expensive months. Some factors considered for bill smoothing are past energy use and house size.

  1. Adjusted readings

OVO also asks customers to submit electricity meter readings so that they can adjust the annual bill average. These readings are compared to current customer expenses to correct bill smoothing charges.

  1. Minimal extra fees

This plan features minimal extra fees for maximum savings. For example, OVO doesn’t charge customers for transaction or exit fees.

  1. Environmentally friendly

By default, The One Plan features 10% GreenPower with a promise of being fully carbon-neutral. Nonetheless, customers can pay a small extra every month to increase this amount to 100% GreenPower. This allows homes to switch to 100% renewable electricity.

  1. Estimates

Some annual cost estimates based on user averages for different cities are featured below:

City Annual Cost (estimates based on average user consumption)
Sydney, NSW $1,080, 23% below reference
Brisbane, QLD $1,204, 17% below reference
Adelaide, SA $1,408, 18% below reference

Do note that areas outside the cities given above may have different rates.

Switching to OVO Energy

It’s easy to switch to an OVO Energy plan. There are three simple steps, which are the following:

  1. Signing up

Signups are through the OVO website. This process involves customer data collection and only takes a few minutes to complete.

  1. Direct debit

After the information is processed, OVO will confirm the setup of the customer’s direct debit. This process typically takes about a week.

  1. Meter reading

OVO will then get the first meter reading to fully set up billing and bill smoothing. This takes about another week after direct debit setup.

The customer can then enjoy OVO Energy services once the entire process is complete. It only takes about three weeks or less for a full connection, making it faster than many other providers.

OVO Energy Plan Pros and Cons

Some advantages of an OVO Energy plan are the following:

  • No bill shock

The One Plan’s bill smoothing feature prevents sudden energy expense hikes.

  • Solar

They offer a solar tariff for some users that have existing panels. They do not, however, offer solar panel installation services at the moment.

  • Interest

Users who consume less energy than what is on the current estimate can earn 3% interest on their balance.

A disadvantage, on the other hand, is the current lack of a mobile app. OVO’s app for members is currently only available to its United Kingdom subscribers.

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