Momentum Energy Review

Momentum Energy Review

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Momentum Energy, owned by Hydro Tasmania, is a company that provides electrical and gas services. As Hydro Tasmania is one of the country’s biggest renewable energy generators, Momentum Energy plans are environmentally friendly and worth consideration.

Where Does Momentum Energy Operate?

Momentum Energy’s main base of operations is in Hobart, Tasmania. However, they don’t offer their services to Tasmania. Instead, they have electrical and gas services in four other territories, namely:

  • New South Wales: Electricity services only
  • Queensland: Electricity services only
  • South Australia: Electricity services only
  • Victoria: Both electrical and gas services. Members can subscribe to either electrical or gas, or both at the same time.

Momentum Energy Plans and Features

There are four main Momentum Energy plans: Self Serve, Bill Boss, Everyday Energy, and Solar and Friends. Note, however, that gas prices for all these plans are only applicable to VIC subscribers.

  1. Self Serve

This is an online-only plan, which means all transactions and billings are through email. In addition, all payments must be through direct debit, and all subscribers must have a smart meter.

To give potential customers an idea of Momentum Energy’s price range, here are average prices for Self Serve in Melbourne.

Services Estimated Annual Average (Melbourne Average Prices)
Electricity $1,333 yearly
Gas $1,080 yearly


  1. Bill Boss

This plan offers a flexible selection of customer support and payment options. Also, unlike Self Serve, Bill Boss does not require a smart meter from customers. Customers can set billing frequency to a monthly or a bi-monthly basis, both doable online.

Here are the average prices for this plan in Melbourne:

Services Estimated Annual Average (Melbourne Average Prices)
Electricity $1,371 yearly
Gas $1,142 yearly


  1. Everyday Energy

Everyday Energy offers even more flexibility compared to Bill Boss. Customer support, payment options, and billing options are all up to the subscriber. Also, one big difference this plan has is that billing frequency is also flexible – not just monthly or bi-monthly.

These are the average prices for this plan for Melbourne:

Services Estimated Annual Average (Melbourne Average Prices)
Electricity $1,422 yearly
Gas $1,429 yearly


  1. Solar and Friends

Solar and Friends’ flexibility is similar to Everyday Energy’s flexibility. Subscribers have several options for customer support, payment, billing, and billing frequency.

The main difference is that Solar and Friends has the highest solar feed-in tariffs among all of Momentum Energy’s plans.

The average Melbourne annual prices for Solar and Friends are the following:

Services Estimated Annual Average (Melbourne Average Prices)
Electricity $1,371 yearly
Gas $1,142 yearly


Again, please take note that all prices above are mere averages for one city. However, it should still provide a good ballpark amount for other areas.

What are the pros and cons of Momentum Energy plans?

Momentum Energy plans have several good points, the benefits of which include the following:

  • Simple: This provider has four relatively simple plans that are easy to understand.
  • Flexible: Most of their plans offer significant flexibility, especially Everyday Energy and Solar and Friends.
  • Range: The company operates in four territories: NSW, VIC, QLD, and SA.
  • Green Energy: They offer a green energy promise with all their plans.

Of course, there are also some drawbacks, like:

  • Solar rates: Momentum Energy’s solar rates are pretty average in some areas. This can be a turnoff for those looking for better solar rates.
  • No app: This company has no mobile application for account management. Luckily, their online member portal is available for this purpose.

Compare Momentum Energy Plans with Other Offers on the Market

Momentum Energy’s offers are simple but excellent. However, there may still be electrical and gas service plans out there that suit your needs better. Use a comparison site to help you decide on which plan to get.

Makes Cents Australia is a great comparison site to get you started. Check all the offers side-by-side so that you can make an informed choice.

Our Momentum Energy Review is just one of many. You can also read reviews on many more Electricity and Gas Reviews at MakesCents.

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