How to save on Winter and Summer Bills

Within the comforts of home, we have the power to adapt our body temperatures in both the extremes of Australian climate. We regulate this temperature with the use of innovative devices and methods. These range from putting on thicker or looser clothes to using heaters or air conditioning units. Which of these are practical and efficient?

Save energy and stay warm in the winter

Make the most out of the fixtures and devices you may already have inside your home to keep it warm in the winter. The following are some of the objects you can use to keep you warm.

  • Doors and Windows

Close the doors and windows to keep the warmth of the house inside. Even a small opening is enough for heat to escape the room. Also, if you are using a heater, closing your doors and windows will reduce the energy used by your heater.

  • Heaters

Keep your heaters away from windows because their heat is easily dispersed. Also, if you are only heating one room, use a small fan or a space heater to minimise the energy your heater is using.

  • Insulation

Apply insulation on your floor, walls, and ceiling to contain the heat inside the room. This way, you can minimise the heat given off by your heater.

Since it is cold, you could use thicker cloths for yourself and your home as a way to keep warm. Here are some methods you can do:

  • Curtains and carpets

Use heavy and thicker curtains to maintain the internal temperature inside the room, keeping you warm. Thick carpets also work this way; they keep your floor warm and insulated.

  • Clothes

Wear your winter clothes perfect for the season. Add layers of jacket or sweatshirt until you feel warm and cosy. Also, wear your mittens and socks whenever you feel cold on your hands and feet.

  • Beddings

For a more bearable sleep, use heavier and thicker bed sheets and blankets.

Save energy and stay cool in the summer

There are a lot of devices that can help you stay cool in the summer heat. Some are even already installed in your home. Listed below are some of the ways of electricity saving.

  • Install solar panels

Make the most out of the summer heat. Install solar panels as they are a great source of natural and alternative energy. This small investment for your energy will help you save on your bills throughout the year.

  • Doors and Windows

If you are not using an air conditioner, open the doors and windows in the summer to let in fresh air and cool your skin. It would also be better to install awnings on your windows to keep away the sun’s rays from entering. Also, when opening your doors and windows, be wary of the dust, wildlife, and other elements that may come in. Install window grills to lower the chance of them entering.

  • Fans and Air conditioning units

Use ceiling fans and/or air conditioning units to help cool you down. When using air conditioning units, make sure to close your doors and windows to stop the cool air from escaping. This way, your air conditioner will not be exhausted and you will save some energy.

  • Insulation

Applying insulation on your floor, walls, and ceiling will also keep your room cool by regulating the temperature of the room.

With the warmth of the weather outside, lighter, and thinner linens are advised. Here are some things you can do:

  • Curtains

Use lighter curtains to let sunlight in. This allows better conduction of air and temperature in and out of the house. Otherwise, if you keep your using thick curtains, you merely contain the heat inside your room.

  • Clothes and Comfort outside

Wear lighter and looser clothes for more comfort. Also, summer is the perfect time to go to the beach. By going out, you may cut yourself a day’s worth of energy consumption!
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