How To Save Money When Using Your AC

How To Save Money When Using Your AC

Paying for high electric bills can be uncomfortable, especially if you know you can do better on using your air conditioner. Poor AC habits can make your electricity bills shoot up, hurting your budget in the process. Being aware of Australia’s air conditioning usage statistics can give you a good idea about what you can do. Despite concerns for the rising cost of energy, Australians have some of the worst AC habits in the world. Here’s how to save money when using your AC.

Cold, hard facts about Australian AC usage statistics

Australians love air conditioning because the country is generally hot. With a few exceptions here and there, the hot, humid Australian climate can cause a lot of disturbance. Here are cold, hard facts about air conditioning usage.

In multiple states, 3 out of 4 households have at least one or more air conditioning units. This has doubled from the ownership statistics in the 1990s. The more people living in your home, the likelier it is to spend more on AC cooling.

When not at home, Australians tend to leave their AC running. People say they do so to keep their pets cool or have their homes cold by the time they return. Such a massive mistake is not without consequences.

Australians pay an additional $1.3 billion in total every year for leaving their AC on. Cooling empty homes waste as much as 4.1 energy hours a day, which can be a problem.

Electricity prices have jumped by as much as 70% between 2007 and 2012. Spot market pricing only worsened over the years, making your air conditioning habits less affordable.

What Can I Do to Save Money on AC Usage?

Knowing these numbers, what can you do to save money on your electricity bills? How do you lower your household bills, so you don’t become a part of Australia’s air conditioning usage statistics?

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Turn your AC off when going out.

When going out, it’s best to turn your AC off, even if your pets are around. To keep your pets cool, it’s best to close off your blinds and turn on the fan. If possible, keep some windows open if they’re out of reach for burglars.

As soon as you come back, you can take advantage of your AC and turn it on. If you’re going out on extended hours, make sure to keep some water for your pets.

Electric fans, especially ceiling fans, can circulate the air in your room. While it doesn’t cool as much as an AC, it only costs 10% of the energy consumption.

  1. Take a cold shower.

Jumping to a cold shower can drop your temperature down almost instantly. While not many Aussies like a cold shower, it’s quite refreshing in the summer. Even a simple five-minute wash can do wonders.

Cold showers don’t have to be at freezing temperatures. Room temperature baths are as refreshing. The idea is to wash away the sweat and the grim in your body, which can make you feel wet and sticky.

During humid days, take advantage of your AC instead and set it to dry mode. Dry mode removes the humidity during air intake, making the air feel cooler.

  1. Block out the sun.

Wherever possible, block out the sun. Use curtains and blinds to reflect the heat of the sun and keep it out of your home. While sunlight is delightful, it also heats your home like an oven.

So, as soon as the sun starts setting, open your windows and blinds. Let the cool air settle in, especially during rainy days. The cool mist from outside can cool you as well as air conditioning, depending on where you live.

  1. Stop bad AC habits and save money now.

Australia’s air conditioning usage statistics are alarming. As Australian weather gets hotter and hotter, more and more Aussies rely on the AC. Whilst it’s a great appliance, having good AC habits can save you a lot of money.

Save more money on your electricity. Apart from your AC, start saving money with the right electricity company. Compare electricity brands online and find out how much money you can save.

It’s all about the right choices. Talk to us at Makes Cents today and see how we can help you save more on your energy bills now.

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