Enova Energy Review

Enova Energy Review

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Enova Energy is a unique power company, the first that is community-owned. This retailer puts the power back in the hands of NSW residents, for better or worse.

What Enova offers is a specialised niche in energy sales to the public. It focuses on NSW, and so far, it’s a great choice if you live in an area that they service.

A Quick Look At Enova Energy

Enova Energy offers electricity for residents of New South Wales, and their service stops there. They only service NSW, staying within its general borders. 2020 estimates list them to have around 5,500 customers or 0.06% of Australia’s customer base.

The general location the company services encompass rural NSW. They also don’t offer gas services, which is not an issue for most customers.

Enova product offers are some of the best choices out there. It has several renewable energy options, and as mentioned, their profits go back to the community.

The History of Enova

The history of Enova is an interesting one, starting in 2014. In a move towards stopping a coal seam in NSW, the community started the company.

The concerns of the community centred around crucial details in Australia. Climate change, fossil fuel use, and carbon emissions from the Northern Rivers became a primary motivator.

To demonstrate that they can meet their own energy needs, they started Enova Energy. By 2016, they became the first community-owned energy retailer in Australia. Their base is in Byron Bay, offering both residential and commercial electricity.

Pros of Enova Energy

Enova Energy offers some of the best advantages that customers can get from an energy retailer. These pros come from their egalitarian customer service, fair pricing, and customer needs-focused work.

Their energy products are green, encouraging clean sources of renewable energy. Their products gear towards people who care about the environment and lowering their impact to their surroundings.

If you’re also looking to give back towards the community, Enova Energy is for you. They run a local charity that helps people in need, with 50% of their products going back to their community.

The company’s profits go to the community via the local charity. They also support renewable energy initiatives they believe can help back the community.

The Enova Community

The Enova community has a not-for-profit branch that helps low-income residents and members of the community. Their charity works encompass several projects, which include:

  • Solar farms
  • Solar gardens
  • Community housing
  • Solar energy for communities

Every penny pushed to Enova Energy helps the community more than anything. It can save you money and feel good about yourself in the process too

Cons of Enova Energy

Among the general problems for Enova lies around the community that built them. First, Enova’s service area is tiny compared to other retailers. Their locations stop around rural NSW, which means it’s hard to know if you can get their service.

Another issue is their customer service, notably one of the worst parts of their offers. The company has been known to be slow to answer service calls, numbering 44% answered during the first 30 seconds.

50% of their electricity comes from the National Electricity Market, which can fluctuate in pricing. Their energy bills are also less informative compared to other retailers.

Is Enova Energy Right For Me?

The answer to this will depend on what you care about in an energy retailer.

Enova offers no lock-in contracts, pay-on-time discounts, and superb community support. They also have renewable energy available within their options. They offer monthly billing, with an option to get electronic billing if you want to go paperless. Enova Energy, however, services such a small area so check first if this is available in your area.  that it’s unlikely they will be within your choices.

If Enova Energy is not within your choices, look at our list of energy retailers available. Let’s help you compare energy retailers in Australia today.

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