Alinta Energy Review

Alinta Energy Review

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Alinta Energy is a gas and electricity service provider that operates in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, and WA. Alinta Energy plans are either gas-only, electricity-only, or a bundle of both.

What are the Alinta Energy plans available?

There are two main Alinta Energy plans for electricity services. These are HomeDeal Energy and SportsPack Energy, whose details are below:

  1. HomeDeal Energy

HomeDeal Energy is a simple plan that promises competitive prices and excellent service. It’s available for gas services, electricity services, or both at the same time.

Other features of this plan are the following:

  • Flexible payment: Customers have multiple options for modes of payment.
  • No lock-in contracts and exit fees: Subscribers can switch providers anytime they wish.
  • Discounts for Access Rewards Shop: Customers have access to discounts in Alinta’s rewards shop.

Take note that this plan is only available to residents of NSW, VIC, QLD, and SA.

  1. SportsPack Energy

SportsPack Energy is available in NSW, VIC, QLD, and SA as an electricity service or as a gas+electricity bundle. SportsPack Energy does not allow gas-only subscriptions.

This plan also promises competitive prices but with access to Kayo Basic included for up to 1 year. NBA, AFL, ESPN, UFC, and other sports streaming services are in Kayo Basic.

The other features of this plan, such as flexible payment, no lock-in or exit fees, and discounts for rewards, are similar to HomeDeal Energy.

Alinta Energy plans in WA

The company has three offers in WA, all of which are gas-only:

  • SportsPack Gas Plan

This plan includes Kayo Basic, much like the SportsPack Energy plans in other territories. It also features discounted gas rates with a 1-year benefit period.

  • Fair Go 25

This plan features 25% off on gas use expenses and comes with a 3-year benefit period.

  • Fair Go 35

This features 35% off on gas use expenses and comes with a 1-year benefit period.

How much should customers expect to spend on an Alinta Energy plan?

Costs may vary based on which Alinta plan and the territory in question. Estimates for each plan in NSW, VIC, QLD, and SA are the following:

Territory HomeDeal Energy (annual estimate, single rate tariff) SportsPack Energy (annual estimate, single rate tariff)


NSW (Sydney estimates, postcode 2000)


Electricity: $1,044

25% lower than the reference price


Gas: $593



Electricity: $1,116

20% lower than the reference price


Gas: $593



VIC (Melbourne estimates, postcode 3000)


Electricity: $1,013

24% lower than the reference price


Gas: $1,087



Electricity: $1,088

19% lower than the reference price


Gas: $1,087



QLD (Brisbane estimates, postcode 4000)


Electricity: $1,244

14% lower than the reference price


Gas: $570



Electricity: $1,314

10% lower than the reference price


Gas: $570



SA (Adelaide estimates, postcode 5000)


Electricity: $1,476

14% lower than the reference price


Gas: $757



Electricity: $1,539

10% lower than the reference price


Gas: $757

Take note that these are mere estimates for territory averages based on a single rate with a 4000kWh annual consumption. Therefore, expect prices to be higher or lower based on actual use.

Also, no estimates are available for the gas-only plans offered in WA.

Pros and cons of Alinta Energy plans

A subscription with Alinta comes with various benefits, like:

  • Easy account management: Aside from the flexible payment options available, Alinta also makes it easy to manage account details. Billing and accessing account information, for example, can be done online.
  • Uncomplicated plans: The plans that this provider offers are simple and have no frills attached.
  • Rewards system: Alinta’s rewards shop is excellent as it contains movie tickets, gift cards, attractions, and more.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages, such as:

  • Not too environmentally friendly: This provider does not have GreenPower certified plans and was rated low by Green Electricity Guide.
  • Solar: While solar feed-in tariffs are available, Alinta does not install new panels.

Compare gas and electricity service plans today.

Alinta Energy plans offer a lot of savings, but these aren’t too green. If you are into sustainable energy, you may want to look at other similar offers as an alternative.

A comparison site like Makes Cents can help you look at all these offers side-by-side. Try the site out today for maximum convenience.

Our Alinta Energy Review is just one of many. You can also read reviews on many more Electricity and Gas Reviews at MakesCents.

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