6 tips to save money on your electricity bill

6 tips to save money on your electricity bill

If you have been getting sky high electric bills in your household, don’t fret just yet! Instead of dreading the time of the month when you have to pay the bill, think of ways to lower your energy consumption. However, lowering your electricity bill could mean altering your lifestyle. You have to think of ways you can change the way you consume energy.

Start by looking at how you usually consume energy in your household. Ask the following questions:

  • How big is my household?
  • What are the kinds of appliances that I use? Are they energy efficient?
  • How do you consume energy throughout the day?

After evaluating your energy usage, you may find that altering your habits and changing some of your appliances can make a huge difference in your next electricity bill. Here are six tips to help you save.

1. Insulate wisely!

Heating and cooling your house is likely take up a big chunk of your energy consumption. During summer, maximise your natural insulation by making sure that the vents are open in your home.

To make sure that warm air goes out your house and the cool air stays in, open your windows during the night. Use curtains and blinds to keep heat and light out during daytime. Also consider having your roofs and walls insulated, this may cost you money but will surely benefit you in the long run.

During the colder months, keep the heat inside your house by letting in light and heat during the morning. Rather than using your heater all the time, use heavy curtains, insulate your windows and doorways, use warm water bottles and add extra blankets to your rooms. You can also make sure your heater is situated away from windows or other openings.

2. Switch off appliances

This may be something that all households take for granted. We often keep appliances like television, computers, electric fans, and lights on even when they are not being used. Make a habit of turning off appliances when you are not using them. During the day, take advantage of natural sunlight to light your rooms.

3. Check your fridge

Your fridge may be contributing to your high electric costs without you even knowing it. Check if your fridge door is still working and in good condition and make sure that your fridge is set at the right temperature. Between -15° to -18° for your freezer and 3°C to 5°C for your fridge is the ideal temperature.

4. Check your cooking appliances

Make sure your kitchen appliances are energy efficient. Older devices usually need more electricity to run. Upgrade your appliances to newer and smaller ones and check if they have the energy efficient label on them.

5. Consider alternative sources of energy

Solar energy is slowly getting the rightful attention that it deserves. Not only is it energy efficient, but it’s also renewable energy so you can reduce your carbon footprint. Although initial installation is expensive, you can be sure that your electricity bill afterward will be significantly lower.

6. Consider changing your electricity supplier

If you have done all these tips and you still feel like you’re paying a fortune, you might want to change your electricity supplier. A comparison website can help you compare the cheapest and most efficient energy provider in your area.

Follow these six tips and see the significant change in your electric bill. By doing some changes in your lifestyle, you can save up your money and conserve electricity for others for more important things.

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