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Club Marine Business Insurance Review

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Club Marine Business Insurance Review: Insurance for Boaters, By Boaters

Club Marine has been operating in the business insurance industry for 50 years and has successfully positioned itself as the major boat insurance provider in the country. Its wide selection of insurance products is dedicated to providing boats and pleasure craft insurance for Australians. Club Marine is a subsidiary of Allianz Australia Ltd.

Club Marine: Insurance Designed for Boaters, By Boaters

Club Marine insurance products are expertly developed by insurance professionals who have actual boating experience. With first-hand knowledge of the boating lifestyle, they know by heart just what boating enthusiasts need.

Their insurance policies provide exclusive services, rewards, perks such as free roadside assistance, and other valuable features to its members. Their member support makes it easy to make a claim, file a dispute, manage and renew a policy, and other services and assistance with the Club Marine Assist.

Most importantly, the Club Marine individual and business covers provide comprehensive and flexible solutions to meet the specific insurance needs for:

  • Runabout – covers any type of boat against theft, accidental loss or damage, and malicious damage. Equipment and gear also get automatic coverage up to $1,500 for every item with a total of up to $10,000 in all. Runabout cover also includes towing in case of an accident. The discounted lay-up cover protects against fire, theft, and other storage risks during the off-season.
  • Jet Ski – provides a choice of liability coverage from $2 million to $10 million, including water skiing liability. Club Marine will pay the purchase price or replace a jet ski that has been written off within the first two years of registration. It provides cover for genuine parts repair and replacement, water ingress cover, and lay-up cover.
  • Off Beach Dinghy – provides cover for theft, accidental loss or damage, and malicious damage including parts like masts, sails, and spars rigging. In addition, it has a towing cover, social racing cover, and lay-up cover.
  • Trailer Sailer – provides a liability cover up to $20 million, plus an automatic pollution clean-up costs up to $500,000. It also includes cover for sailing equipment and accessories, social racing cover, towing cover, and lay-up cover.
  • Cruiser – covers against theft, accidental loss or damage, and malicious damage, including the equipment and accessories. The liability cover, including third-party liability, goes from $2 million up to $10 million. It also provides cover for the tender boat, accidental pollution and liability under a berthing agreement, parts and repair cover, and gear and equipment cover.
  • Yacht – provides liability options up to $20 million, including pollution clean-up costs up to $500,000 or more. It supports third-party liability from $2 million to $10 million, liability incurred under a berthing agreement, racing cover, yacht’s tender cover, and repair for insured parts. It also covers against theft, accidental loss or damage, and malicious damage.

Bonus Features and Exclusions

Club Marine offers its members bonus benefits, adding value to the policy the members hold so they get the most out of their insurance. Club Marine also has a few exclusions to its policy.


  • Up to 25% no claims bonus
  • Multiple policies will get to enjoy a 10% discount
  • 5% discount for online renewal
  • Emergency and personal assist free of charge
  • 10% saving on in-store purchases at their partner stores
  • Other local discounts as specified in the policy


  • Club Marine Boat Insurance will not provide benefits for any claims arising for events that have transpired outside the geographic limit stipulated in the policy.
  • No benefits will be paid for claims stemming from races or time trials without extra cover for Social Yacht Racing.
  • No benefits will be provided if the person in control of the boat is unlicensed, under the influence, lacks the capacity to operate, or has not enough experience to operate, and has a boat or motor vehicle insurance in the last years.
  • Club Marine will also not pay benefits for claims arising from the improper use of boat, improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, fraudulent or unlawful use of boats, exposure to radioactive contamination, and others as specified in the policy.

Why Club Marine Business Insurance is Right For You

Club Marine insurance is perfect for all boaters — whether for pleasure or occupational. Its marine insurance history is backed by decades of experience, with its name and services respected and trusted in the industry. Their product lines are comprehensive and flexible, and the claims process is simple and easy.

If you want to know more about marine insurance and the options available, contact a reliable insurance expert today.

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